5 weeks old today!

Meet Ms.Tootsie!

Yeah, The puppies are 5 weeks old today!                                                                       Mama gets to start sleeping back on her house,                                                                   just 1 more week of part time nursing.                                                                                 Rosie was a really caring mommy, but at almost 4 years old herself,                             she’s eager to get her own life back… Infact, Grandma is going to live with the       pups this week to keep them safe from bears, owls, people, or whatever.                 Won’t they have fun:)

*Update, Grandma did not want to stay overnight with pups, a short visit was more like it. So, she slept in the play pen next to it and Mama got to sleep inside. She slept like a baby. **Next night, I put both Mama & Grandma in play pen, and Rosie howled half the night keeping pups up howling too! Mama will sleep indoors rest of week while weaning.

Here’s a little perspective from the last 4 weeks…

precious puppies sleeping

with mommy

Grampa Ronnie & me:)


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