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DRYLAND MUSHING HAS BEGUN!                                                      COME FOR A THRILLING RIDE, LESSON, HIKE with a HUSKY OR DOG YARD TOUR…   

Call or Email for 2017 Rates & Reservations,Family Fun For All Ages:)

Want to learn how to Cani-Cross, Bikejor or Scooter with your dog(s)? We can teach you! *Look for our new Dryland Clinics & Races soon.

*Check out all Summer Camp Photos & Videos on Hilltown Sleddogs Facebook Page:)                

Mike Thompson reviewed Hilltown Wilderness Adventures — 5 star
December 11 at 10:39pm ·
An unforgettable and amazing experience! The dogs are all so well taken care of and absolutely love what they do. It is a very interactive experience and are able to be hands on with the dogs often. It is a very well run group and well worth it!
Dawn ‘Alba’ Wharram reviewed Hilltown Wilderness Adventures — 5 star
November 28 at 3:24pm ·
We had a wonderful day hanging out with Marla and her dogs. It was a valuable hands-on experience where she showed us from start to finish what it would be like to get the dogs ready to mush. Constant petting of the dogs required!
Cathy Honey reviewed Hilltown Wilderness Adventures — 5 star
November 6 ·
We had such a great day! Marla and her staff were very knowledgeable and friendly, and we spent so much time with the dogs! Definitely a great experience.
Rachael Jaquay reviewed Hilltown Wilderness Adventures — 5 star
December 3 at 11:29am ·
Was so cool! The dogs were so sweet and amazing. They are so well cared for and happy. We had a great adventure!

Can-Am Crown 100, Fort Kent, ME 2016


8 Dog Rig, Dryland World Championships 2015, Canada

Topaz, one of our young stars!

Topaz, one of our young stars!


Beargrease Mid-Distance Racing, MN 2014

Dryland Rig Racing!

Dryland Rig Racing!

Autumn in New England

Autumn in New England

We love visitors...

We love visitors…


Check out Marla BB howlin’ the Blues with her huskies!    

Chronicle Magazine, Channel 5, Segment 1                                      Chronicle Magazine, Channel 5, Segment 2

HWA accepts credit cards.                                                                                                          Also 10-20% discount at local B&B’s & eateries. 


As seen on WWLP TV 22 News’ “Mass Appeal Works for Me” Producer Lucas sees if he has what it takes to be a  dryland dog musher, Leading a Pack of Sled Dogs!

Mush, Skijor, Hike, Bike, Fish, Picnic, Swim, & Kayak… Personalized Outdoor Adventures right here in the Hilltowns at the foot of the Berkshire Mountains in Western Massachusetts with an experienced Sled Dog guide! Book a couple of hours, a half-day, even a whole day with an experienced guide. Have a personalized outdoor fitness training program with Marla BB – professional Musician,Martial Artist, Musher, & Mama  PBS’s “Making It Here” on WGBY-TV visits Hilltown Wilderness Adventures 



21 responses to “Welcome

  1. I have actually experienced Marla and her sledding dogs. Very thrilling! And to see her daughter handle the dogs who are very gentle and also very fast is amazing. I look forward to doing this ride as soon as there is plenty of snow on the ground! Congratulations Marla!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous dogs Marla and they seem to be having so much fun working! We’ll make sure to tell our readers about your dogs and wilderness adventures at our blog and Facebook page.

  3. Marla BB you are amazing! You’ve gone from singing the blues to the dogs!!!! I LOVE IT!!
    Let’s catch up! It’s been far too long. I need to come east and check this out. Lovin’ the pups too!. -Dino in Indiana!

  4. Had a fantastic day with you and your beautiful dogs. Thank you!

  5. Marla
    Mike and I had an absolutely fabulous time with you and your wonderful dogs. The adventure was far more than I had anticipated and we totally fell in love with those friendly loving dogs.. I would encourage all adventure lovers to try this exciting journey. Thanks Marla and Erin.
    Carolyn Rapelye

  6. Had a great time today with HWA. In addition to experiencing the thrill of mushing a couple of these beautiful dogs, you take part in preparing the dogs for other peoples’ runs. The excitement of the runs and the education given on this sport (dog sledding) made it a memorable experience.
    Best wishes!!

  7. Marla, Sent an email. Please connect. Great website! Enjoyed reading the comments. judywink

  8. I had an opportunity to experience a “mushing adventure” this past winter & very simply I got more than my money’s worth

  9. Hello Marla i miss you and the dogs and hope you guys are doing alright. How is everything? I really really miss working with you.

  10. Hi, I have a Siberian husky who would love to learn to mush! Do you offer training?

  11. Hi Marla,
    Thank you for such a wonderful summer dog camp and puppy camp for Owen. He not only had the times of his life, but learned so much as well. He made some very special friends, (human and dog) and can’t wait to see you all again. It is so important to you to educate both the children and the parents and to be environmentally conscience as well. Thank you for all that you do! Hike!

  12. Hello Marla,
    It was an amazing adventure! I loved every second of it…the dogs are wonderful, they are obedient and so lovable….You get more than your money worth! Marla is awesome! The two intern girls were so great and it is wonderful what they are doing. I will definitely love to go again and try the winter mushing. Both Marla and the dogs make you feel like a family. I didn’t know much about the sport but is definitely something that I will be interested in doing.
    Keep up the awesome job Marla! YOU AND THE DOGS ROCK!!!!

  13. what a fantastic experience i had today with Marla, Erin and the team! The dogs are AMAZING, so intelligent, fast, lovable and most importantly well cared for and well loved. the sport of mushing was incredibly interesting to learn about and the hands on experience with the dogs was the best. the dogs are very patient and affectionate with their guests 🙂 go and enjoy! its like nothing else! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  14. My wife Jackie and I would like to thank, Marla, Erin, Jeff and Ruby for an absolutely wonderful Saturday in Western Mass. Can’t forget the team either, it was great to get to know each of the dogs individually and as part of a team. An experience I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the entire crew made it more than worthwhile. Looking forward to doing it again some time and we wish you all great look and will try to follow the team on the internet.

  15. I went to camp here it is great 😛

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